Photos – Carnegie Observatories

Day 3 was a wonderful immersion into the world of the Carnegie Observatories. Gwen Rudie, who directs the Carnegie undergraduate program, graciously invited us over to Carnegie, where we enjoyed a wonderful tour of the historic facility, saw the plate vault and ruling engine for spectroscopic gratings, and learned more about how Carnegie and Hale built the Mount Wilson observatories. We also learned about the modern astrophysics and instrumentation development of the Carnegie observatories, and Gwen gave a talk about the science at Carnegie, and Chris Burns gave a workshop on using Python in astronomy. The Carnegie Observatory was the birthplace of the modern Big Bang Cosmology as well as home to Edwin Hubble and George Ellery Hale, and we are very grateful to Gwen and her colleagues for sharing this legacy with our students from the Caltech ZTF Undergraduate Astronomy Institute!